please vote for us


Flyin to the- Moon/Playing- with the Stars
Barked: Mon May 12, '08 6:47pm PST 
We wanna be stars - check us out in our sunglasses!!

Please vote for us in the Tulsa World Wackiest Pets contest!!

We still need votes. See important info below about logging on below. Some people have had a little trouble voting - this will help.

Sign up - it's free. Then vote. But FYI, before you can vote you have to wait to get a confirmation e-mail and click on the link. Only then can you get to the site and vote.


Cheri & Kenzie

Here's the site:

Click on Wackiest Pets Photo contest and then vote for us!! You can do a search for us with the words sunglasses, fun, shelties, cool