tell us about your dachund!

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I'm queen of the- wooooooorld!!
Barked: Sat May 10, '08 4:03pm PST 
like i said tell us more about you!!! dog hamster dance

Where's the- rabbit?
Barked: Sat May 10, '08 6:06pm PST 
Hi Tibbywave
Nice to meet you. Lets see....I am part dachshund and part something else. I am 11 years and I live in NJ. My mom and dad came to get me at a shelter that I was in, when I was 10 months old. I was found stray, I am so happy Mom and Dad took me home with them.
blue dog

One word pet
Barked: Sat May 24, '08 9:54am PST 
Hi!!!!I was found on the road and brought to noahs Ark and was brought by LeeAnndog


When i hear- treat, You've- got me beat.
Barked: Sun May 25, '08 10:22pm PST 
I was so close to getting hit by a car but thankfully a little boy saved me. he gave me to a girl named tara and she spoils me rotten! I love my mommy.snoopy

Brings the good- fortune!!
Barked: Tue May 27, '08 11:16am PST 
Wow, all these stories sound so close to mine! My mom found me on the side of the road, and no one claimed me! She looked everywhere! I was dirty and sick, and no one came to rescue me, so my mom did it! I love living here now, and I am my mom's "velcro dog"....whatever that means.

I'm part Dachshund, and maybe part Schnauzer, no one knows, but I'm all cute!!

Barked: Thu May 29, '08 3:53pm PST 
Well, I am Danny. Mommy and daddy adopted me last month from a horrible place, and I just couln't be happier!! Mommy thinks I am full blooded dachshund. She didn't know that we came in a wirehair..........but thats what I am!! Mommy just loves me dearly!!

Anything can be- eaten
Barked: Sun Jun 1, '08 8:46am PST 
Nobody wanted this little doxie-mix and was returned to a shelter twice! Unbelievable since he is the sweetest little baby in the world. And we just found out that he loves to swim. Didn't even have to teach him. This little loverhound found his forever home just before Christmas 2007 and was adopted from He loves his big brother Max so much!
Lucy Louise

Just call me- Grandma.
Barked: Mon Jun 9, '08 11:15pm PST 
Um, my name is Lucy and I found myself in the city shelter after my owner died. I was 14 at that time. Fortunately, rescue peeps caught sight of me quickly and got me outta there and into the happy arms of Mom and my new sister Lily. Mom says that I was obviously well taken care of by my previous owner, and it's such a shame that her children dumped me. But how would I have found Mom and my best pal in the world Lily! Cuz the way I see it, Mom's cool and all, but Lily and I are best buds for certain. We just adore eachother. What else about me? I'm a dumpster diver, I have a licking fetish, I'm very protective and spunky, and I get around great for an advanced senior citizen. Lastly, I'm loved.
Glady Jo

I am weenie,- behold my roar!
Barked: Mon Jun 9, '08 11:25pm PST 
Um, well...I came into rescue with a whole bunch of dogs (17+) after our owner died, so I'm a little anti-social unlike my fursister Lily who wants to meet everybody! I'm protective of my mom, and I like to be close to her. I'll growl at Lucy to keep her from getting in between us. Doesn't work half the time though. I love to talk; I'm a regular chatterbox! Yap, yap, yodel, yodel, yap, yap, rou, rou, yap, yap...that's me! I've got allergies and colitis which don't exactly rock my world, but Mom's got em under control. I'm timid with strangers and will hide from them. AT first Mom thought I hid from her, but then she realized I just made my den under the sofa. I hate going to the groomer. Who doesn't?! I lived in a cage for the first six years of my life. I like to eat poop. Yep! To Mom's disdain I should add. I like to go outside and try to escape everytime Mom opens the door. My mom's mother doesn't know about me, so I have to go to the dogsitter everytime she comes over. *Groan* I'm six years old and weigh 9 lbs. I don't like toys.

Miss Jelly Belly
Barked: Wed Jun 11, '08 7:33am PST 
Hi! I'm Shellie and I'm about 3 1/2 years-old. My mommy adopted me from an older couple who are teachers. They didn't pay a lot of attention to me--they didn't even tell Mommy my b'day!!! But I am SO happy to be here with Mommy, Grandma & Grandpa and my uncle. big grin
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