Love everybody- who loves me
Barked: Mon May 5, '08 5:17pm PST 
I noticed there aren't any threads yet. So, introduce yourselves!

I'm Bell! I'm a sweet one year old little girl and I reside in Colorado with my siblings and mommy and daddy
♥ Hailey ♥

Love to- Howl!!!!!!!!
Barked: Mon Nov 24, '08 7:04pm PST 
I'm Hailey. I was rescued from the pound five... or is it six... years ago. My owners think I'm a beagle/collie cross. smile. What breed are you mixed with?... besides beagle of course.

Wheres- my- frisbee!!!
Barked: Mon Dec 1, '08 6:23am PST 
Hi Bell and Hailey!!wave


Billy, the Muppy- Puppy Momma's- Boy
Barked: Fri Dec 26, '08 8:03pm PST 
Hi Bell, nice to meet you by e-mail. Sorry it took so long for us to get back to you, we're just learning this website. I am a full bread Beagle in California. I hang out with my Guarians (mommy, daddy & brody)

hope you're enjoing the holidays!!!