Master Tennis- Ball hound
Barked: Tue Apr 29, '08 9:11am PST 
I was wondering what to do about obsessive behavior towards toys. If anyone can help me it would be wonderful. Thanks Nichole

Food, food,- WERE!!!
Barked: Sun May 11, '08 5:27pm PST 
Well....i think it is common in weimaraners. If it is AGGRESSIKVE OBSESION.....then be careful. But if it is just silly obsesion, i would just not encourage that behavior. I would take the toy aways and get the pup into a beter mind stay that is on something else.

The #1 suspect- for squeaky toy- murders.
Barked: Fri Aug 29, '08 5:00pm PST 
Trust me. Toy obsession is TOTALLY normal. If toy obsession is abnormal, Kenai would be a total retard.