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I wanted to start a thread on interesting little known facts or stories about wolves.

Rare wolf species in danger in B.C.

The animal is the rainforest wolf. It lives on a remote part of the B.C. coast, deep in an old-growth forest known as the Great Bear Rainforest.
"The preliminary information does suggest that they may be genetically unique," said Paul Paquet, an internationally recognized expert on wolves.
Paquet says one of the most unusual traits of rainforest wolves is their ability to swim great distances. "We have watched wolves swim between islands. There's some evidence that they're covering distances of between 10 to 15 kilometres.""They're smaller," said Chris Darimont, Paquet's colleague. "They have different fur characteristics – coarser hair. And there's a red tinge that graces many of these grey animals."
The two scientists say there are fewer than 500 of these wolves in existence. And they warn the wolves may not survive unless there's a ban on logging in the area. "Large-scale industrial clearcut logging, all the evidence suggests, will reduce the deer substantially and this is the primary prey of these coastal wolves," said Darimont.
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A reading suggestion:

My favorite book on human / wolf relations is a story titled
" In the Shadow of a Rainbow by Robert F. Leslie

It is the true story of a friendship between man and wolf. Of a young Indian's devotion to a pack of timber wolves and their legendary female leader. Gregory Tah-Kloma learns the meaning of an Indian saying when he is determined to search for a female leader of a pack of timber wolves, and to find the wolf and her pack before trappers and bounty hunters could destroy them.

"In 1970, a young Indian beached his canoe near the author's Babine Lake campsite in the backwoods of British Columbia. He introduced himself as Gregory Tah-Kloma. Night after night the two men talked by the campfire. Gradually, the young Indian told the remarkable story of his devotion to a pack of timber wolves and their legendary female leader Nahani, "the one who shines."

Greg had first met the magnificent silver she-wolf six summers before. From the beginning a bond existed between them, and it grew to amazing proportions. Greg's days were punctuated by his visits with Nahani and, like th pack members, he became her willing subject.

When the black frosts forced Greg to return to civilization, he determined to search again for Nahani, to find the wolf and her pack before trappers and bounty hunters could destroy them. During the harsh months of winter and throughout two summers he searched, always wondering whether Nahani would recognize him. Finally, in the vast wilderness, he learned the meaning of the Indian saying, "When anything strengthens a bond of friendship, the friends have walked in the shadow of the rainbow".

What is amazing about this true story is that the uncontested alpha wolf was not only female but she had no equal partner nor ever mated. The pack was large and established enough that she had a loyal se4rving beta and several sentry guards. Truly a remarkable tale and the only documentation I have read about a sole alpha wolf and female no less!

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Just ordered it on amazon...BOLcheercheerhamster dancehamster dancehamster dancehamster dancewavewave

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I know you will enjoy it harley!!! It is a quick and easy read but you wish the story to go on and on. I think I have read it eight times, HOL!

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*rips open package* yesssss!!! ..just got book in mail cheercheerhappy dancehappy dance
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cheerdancing I know your puppa will enjoy reading it to you harley, let me know what you think!!!
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One of my favorites is Decade of the wolf: Returning the wild to Yellowstone by Douglas W. Smith and Gary Ferguson. Both are two individuals that have been involved in the project and tell the story.

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Know any wolf MOVIES? Have you seen Wolves at our Door or A Man Among Wolves? I've never seen A Man Among Wolves but I want it! I watch the sequel t.v. show though! It's called Living With the Wolfman. I love that show and can't wait for the new ones to come on! (they come on, on Tuesdays!). I saw another wolf movie. I can't remember the name of it though. It was about a lady who went horsebackriding in the mountains, when she came around the corner (in the woods) and a wolf was standing there. It was caught in a trap. It spooked her horse and the horse reared up, knocking her off into the river. She hurt her leg. She ended up building a bond with the wolf. She could feed and water it, but with a pan and a stick. Her son went looking for her and got caught by a bunch of poachers. The lady found the wolf's pups and brought them to her. (They looked like malamute puppies). The dad came. Eventually he took the pups and left. The lady managed to get the wolf out of the trap. She then left, leaving the wolf to go back to the wild and her pack. She ran into the poachers. Her son came and saved her (he had a gun I think). It was really good. So do you know any wolf movies? Oh and then there's The Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon. I'm named after him because my owners thought I looked like him! smile!
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I don't mean to get "political" or offend anyone , but I truly believe there's hope for our wolf cousins in North America now with the coming changes in " D.C." But we do still need to be active and vocal in our support of them.