Dogsteropoly Game * Compete with Other Players

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I\'ll Sleep When- I\'m Old!
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the Game About, and Around Dogster! The Game is about dogster and will take you on a trip All Around the Cyber Town!

Game will be self paced or with Other Players!
In Self Paced Players can come, go join the game at any time and will not lose their place.. just join the Dice rolling rotation and your in... !

Playing Others.. Players will be able to Cotyinue to Play and even miss turns, and still Be in the Game ..

It's your choice how to play!

1st (read both games rules in the ★DOGSTEROPOLY★ Game Rules Thread, and decide the Game Best for you)

***** Go to the Game Thread Specific for that type Game-Either Dogsteropoly Game * Self Paced
Dogsteropoly Game * Compete with Other Players

★★★★★★★★& #9733;★★★★★★★★★ ;★★★★★★★★★a 33;★★★
★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★ύ 3;★★★★★★★★★ 733;★★★★★

IF YOU CHOSE Dogsteropoly Game * Compete with Other Players You R in the Right Place!

HOW TO PLAY Competing with Others

Getting Started
1) Go to The "Dogsteropoly Game *
Compete with Other Players" Thread (YOUR HERE!)

Just Post "I'm Here and Ready to Play"

2) All this weekend and early next week we will be sending you Active Player Game Boards.. (In the Order You Signed Up In the Dogsteropoly Game * Compete with Other Players Thread)

3) Once you recieve your Game Board (it will specify what game you are in) (Put it on your Page.. Either as a Regular Picture (can be anywhere, first page or Last)
and Picture Tag it ( dogsteroplolygame1 ) (change the "1" in the tag to the Number of game you are in) (when you recieve your board you will also be given the tag for your game) and you are OFFICIALY in the Game!

Playing the Game

4)Come to the Dogsteropoly Game * Compete with Other Players Thread and Check the Master List (1st Main Entry of the Thread)
Each Game being played will Be listed there, and Who's turn in each Game it is to roll..

There may be several Games going on at once.. so make sure you note which game you are in..

(First Player to arive will be Player 1. etc etc.. When 8 players have signed in, a master list will be posted and Player 1 Will Be Pmailed-(Game 1-Players Name-YOUR TURN TO ROLL-

Instructed it's your turn to roll, you will have 12 hours to roll. (allowing for time diffrences everywhere)

Since this is a multiple player Game-It will be benificial if you attempt to roll fast- But coscider the pace of the game before joining it.. It will be slow and long games!

When You See Your Name, and Your turn to Roll, Just Make a Roll Post

- Just Post Game # (whatever Game You are in)*****Rolling The Dice***** (make sure to please Use " *****" at the first and last, so the game moderators can easly find the rolls posts , Thanks

Then Pick and Include a Number- (there are 36 Possible combinations of Dice Rolls with 2 six sided dice) (We use a Random Dice Generator) and Roll all 36 possible rolls, assigning a number to each (1-36)

Example of roll chart

1 = 1-1
2 = 1-2
3 = 1-3
4 = 1-4
5 = 1-5
6 = 1-6
7 = 2-1
8 = 2-2
9 = 2-3
10 = 2-4
11 = 2-5
12 = 2-6
13 = 3-1
EXAMPLE Roll Post *****Rolling The Dice***** 8

Next Go Relax
Relax and check back when your Schedule Permits.. (To see what the other Players are Up to) so check Back when ya like and see if the Game is going your Way....
(Typicaly You will Notice Updates on Moves at 12:00 p.m. & 12:00 a.m. (so we will make effort to keep the game flowing as smoothly as possible!)

If a player fails to roll in 12 hours, they are Not out of the Game.. they just miss one turn and the next Player will be notified...

***** The Game Moderator will Run the Dice Generator For the Player who is up and Rolled & it will randomly list all dice rolls 1-36 possible.. the Moderator will look , see what roll was generated as # 8 roll (in the sample above it was 2-2) That is 2-two's on a dice.. so the Moderator will Post:

Game # (what ever) - PLAYER RASCAL (dogster id#)
*****Rolling The Dice***** 8 = 2-2 (a dice roll of 4)
Moves ahead 4 spaces
A Link To Your new Game Board will Be posted showing your new Location) and Specifying What you should Do.. (your Options)

Replace your Old Game Board with the new one (tagging it Photo tag: dogsteroploly) again All Players will be playing the same Game board, so you may update anytime.. The Active board will allways be here..

When you check Back and See the Moderator Has Posted-It will look like this the Above Post:

You Must Follow the Instructions (through out Dogster) and If you accomplish the Requirements, you will recieve the Token or Prize for that task...

Come Back Here and Post (##### I Have Done (what ever the requirement was #####) Please use the #####- so that the Moderator will Know to Check the Task &Notify the Next Player , thanks

Last the Game Moderator will Verify your Action and determin if the Instructions were accomplished.. if so He will Post the new Roller & Notify.. If not, he will post and Notify you with clarification or instructions.. the game contiues on at the pace it will, some times slower, sometimes faster.. It's All Fur Fun, so lets enjoy the Interaction.. (self paced Game will be faster)...

each time you recieve a new game board you, Replace your Old Game Board with the new one (tagging it Photo tag: dogsteroplolygame) again

an so on..


Winning the Game

Winning Dogsteropoly -Multi Players game

Playing Others-Compete & Win Big! Prizes (TBA)

Dogsteropoly is Just like any other monopoly type game...
Be the Last Dogster in the Game and Win Win Win

(Prizes To Be Announced)

★★★★★★★ύ 3;★★★★★★★★★ 733;★★★★★★★★★& #9733;★★★
★★★★★a 33;★★★★★★★★★&# 9733;★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★

Ok, thats it fur Now.. More Instructions and clarification to Be posted as needed.. Pretty Much the Game will be self explanitory as you see your Boards.. So Lets Get the First 8 Players

Can I join
Yes, any time.. Just Follow the Joining the Game instructions above

Can I quit
Yes.. anytime you may quit.. and reneter a new game if you like later

Question: (Statement)
I am confused..Help? I dont get it!
Pmail me anytime-I can help!

When do we get started
Self Paced, as soon as you get your Board
Players game,as soon as we have 8 and 1st Player is Notified to Roll

Hope you can bare with the first few weeks of getting Rolling.. I think, when the Bugs are worked out this will be a Great Time and Great experience..

As dogster changes so will we.. I have a dice roller code, that someday will allow you to just roll!

and some day There will be more moderators and it will also speed up the games..

But fur now, it's free and suppose to be fun.. so lets Roll Fur It!

*****Membership Cards for your Pages.. If you singen up and haven't recieved it yet.. Not to worry, you can still start..
The Artists will be getting them to you soon!

****KEY: Untill I get more Moderators assigned and in place If I have to Be gone for any reason, Illness, vacation etc.. I will Make a Master Post in each Thread and the Main Group, and let everyone know the Game is Temporarly On Hold.. and will Resume ASAP..

Ok, Lets Give it a Roll!

************************** *****

Games/Players List
Game #1
Player 1- Ricky (320101)
Player 2-
Player 3-
Player 4-
Player 5-
Player 6-
Player 7-
Player 8-

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Barky McBark- Bark
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"I'm Here and Ready to Play"

Im still a little confoozled on how the whole thing is gonna work

cant wait to play though blue dog

I\'ll Sleep When- I\'m Old!
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Thread Closed durring Re-construction of Game and Group

Will Be re-open Oct 1st To Play

Sorry for all and any delays