Dog Tag Boot Camp


Barked: Mon Apr 14, '08 2:35pm PST 
Is anyone interested in joining Dog Tag Boot Camp? We're trying to get enough people together to start our own Boot Camp in DC.

We just need a minimum of 5 people & pups to sign up and we can have our own group with our own trainer.

Dog Tag Boot Camp is a really cool fitness program where we can work out with our pups.

Here's their link.. dog

If anyone is interested please let me know and we'll get a group going!
Maddox (I'm leavin in a few da

U gotta watch!!!-
Barked: Tue Apr 29, '08 5:34pm PST 
on Dogchannel ummm............. I'll join

swimming girl
Barked: Mon Aug 3, '09 8:21pm PST 
Woof, woof Im chessie the big chesapeake bay retriever. If anyone is there I would like to go to boot camp