Play in the water

♥- Molly- ♥

Wet Cat Allert!!
Barked: Thu Apr 3, '08 5:18pm PST 
Hi everyone! I was wondering if any one liked to play in the water. I love tipping over water bowls, playing ice hockey and taking a shower with mom. Once she closed the drain in the tub and I played in the water till it got so high it touched my belly. snoopy
Clyde D. Cat

I'm a mommas boy- , so what?
Barked: Thu Apr 10, '08 11:30am PST 
oh no. I will drink the water but not play in it. I don't like getting my feets wet. I will sit in the tub though as long as it is empty

Atilla the Snug
Barked: Fri Apr 18, '08 6:39am PST 
When I was younger, I liked to climb in the tub and stand on mommy's tummy. I got too heavy for that, so then I just put my feet in and played.

The kittens have their paws in the water all the time. They have cat litter in it as soon as mom changes it. Mom has to use cups she can screw to the playpen or they would have it everywhere.

~ Angel- Tessa ~

We- lubbs- U!
Barked: Sat Aug 2, '08 5:55pm PST 
No, No! I love to drink my water!
Morris My- Sweet Prince

Cat With 9-Lives
Barked: Sun Apr 5, '09 12:32pm PST 
I love to tip over a cup of water if it's in or by the kitchen sink. kitty