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♥- -Chelsea

Up up and away!
Barked: Sun Mar 30, '08 5:42pm PST 
If you would like to share a doggie diary entry feel free to copy and paste it here. We would love to read it, and learn about you. Here is my last diary entry.

Dearest readers, before reading this take a deep breath, relax, and prepare yourself for today's headline. Extra, extra, read all about it snack-stealing hound-o-hell caught! Globe breaths sigh of relief. Dearest reader, my sister the nonhumanoid ogre was caught stealing my treat today. The criminal was caught and apprehended at noon today. Upon interrogation she barked and drooled while wagging her tail. After several drooling minutes of this she barked out her confession. Paw prints were taken along with a mug shot. The criminal was made to do a sit and stay for 5 minutes, and of course I sat by laughing the whole time =). Roover and out, woof..woof!

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Barked: Sun Mar 30, '08 7:38pm PST 
Chelsea, your entry made me laugh, BOL, and chase my tail,
very funny that your sissy would steal a treat from you.
Is it pawssible that she was borrowing it?
Bentleylaugh out louddogsnoopy
♥- -Chelsea

Up up and away!
Barked: Sun Mar 30, '08 9:35pm PST 
waveHi Bentley! My sister never borrows. She is a theif..bol. laugh out loud