North West plans to seek out wolves to kill!

Xavi *The- Wolfslayer*

Crater Digging- Shoe Shredder
Barked: Sat Mar 29, '08 11:34am PST 
I'm disgusted, and sickened by this madness! Idaho has issued that anyone with a firearm, pet owners, farmers, etc... have the right to shoot and kill the gray wolf when "pestering, annoying, or disturbing them or their livestock." This is a disaster! We can't let them be so ignorant, the gray wolf was endangered several years ago and the wildlife foundation and environmentalists worked very hard to preserve the rightful place in nature and to restore their packs back to a safe number for them to thrive and flourish once again! Please, as pet lovers and owners, or just for the sake of humanity don't let this continue! Help the mothers and fathers of our pet's today take back their rightful place in the heiarchy that mother nature granted since the beginning of evolution! You can read the entire story on this current website as stated....

This is violent, cruel and pure intolerable foolishness, so let's take a stand and do something about it, while we still can!

Regards - Ashley, Xavi, and Jazz