Aggressive Dogs at the Bark Park in Murfreesboro


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Barked: Mon Mar 24, '08 6:10am PST 
Ok, I just want to vent. Why is it every time I go to the dog park there is someone with an untrained unaltered male dog that wants to dominate my very bold very confident altered dobie, Dante. Why don't those people stay home?! If you know your dog is aggressive, why would you put other people and their pets at risk? See a behavioralist, or get your dog neutered and then bring them back to the dog park. Dante is almost 6 months old and although he knows how to tell a dog to back off he shouldn't have to be put in that situation where it's not just play anymore. I know that you take a certain amount of risk going to the dog park, but a lot of what goes on can be avoided. Of course, everyone sees my dog and being a doberman they think he is the aggressor. Well he is not. He is very well socialized, and has been from the time he was able to walk by both his breeder and us. Not to mention the fact that if someone is uncomfortable with him playing with their dog, I always tell him to leave it and he moves on. Had anyone else had problems there?
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Barked: Sat May 31, '08 8:42pm PST 
Yep, we were at the bark park two weeks ago and there were some wonderful dogs there (with some ignorant owners). The dogs were being ignored by their owners who were preoccupied chatting it up with everyone. The funny thing was, that the owners were bragging about their "well behaved" dogs, just as the dogs were getting a little too aggressive with a few of the more mild mannered ones.
My husband and I were amazed at how clueless they were!
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Barked: Wed Jun 4, '08 2:17am PST 
My mom says we can only be there for a few minutes at a time. I have very good dog manners but any dog that tries to hump me will go to the ground. I have bad hips and it HURTS!!! Mom got into it for a few minutes with a husky owner who I laid into who tried to blame me. And don't even get her started on the 2 Great Danes and Boxer who create havoc every time they are there. When mom sees that group we just leave. Unfortunately the park is too small to "move away". Just try to stay away on the weekends.


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Barked: Wed Jun 18, '08 7:23pm PST 
I hear you! I have to say that there are three big parts of the problem. One is defintely that some people don't watch their dogs because they are too busy socializing with other people. Seriously it says right on the sign not to stand in one place but to walk around so dogs don't become territorial. Two, for some reason great danes do not know how big they are or that they shouldn't be that rough with other dogs. There should be a great dane park. I liked GD's before I started taking Dante there but every time there is a dane in the park it's got a pack around it and they always take down the new comer. Had to pull Dante out from under 5 dogs the other day. Luckily he is a tough little bugger because he wiggled out and gave back a bit of attitude to the"pack". And he is not at all afraid, but some dogs aren't as lucky. They can become fearful. Three, some people don't have a clue when it comes to their dogs temperment. The other day a guy walked in that I had seen with his two dogs on the greenway. Well they were off leash on the greenway and stood in front of my husband, Dante and I growling. They were aggressive on the greenway and he brought them into the dog park and sure enough within 2 minutes there was a fight. I just wish people had a clue!

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Barked: Wed Jun 18, '08 9:54pm PST 
Well, we haven't had this problem yet...but I can understand how frustrating it is.Have you tried talking to the owners?It's worth a try I guess...but it's very risky,that is-having an aggressive dog at a public dog park.What if one of the dogs snaps?


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Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 3:24pm PST 
It seems like the people who have the agressive dogs are the ones that don't have a clue. Most of them will blame the person whose dog is getting ripped to shreds. We've stopped going for the time being. Dante has friends in our neighborhood and friends at the clinic where I work, so he plays with dogs I know are healthy and friendly.