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applauseI would like to start by giving a round of applause to our fabulous members! Thank you for joining. On another note I would like to start STORYTELLING! STORYTELLING is a game in which we post personal stories of how we are unique. For example: THE STORY OF TRUMAN'S BALD PATCH: One summer Truman got an awful hot spot which became red and started to bleed. To clean the spot properly mom carefully washed the spot with soap and water and had to trim some fur back to ensure that the spot would not become infected. Now Truman is one of the only dogs in town with a bald patch on his right shoulder! The fur never grew back...
Now it's your turn! Pull up your computer chair and a hot cup of cocoa, have fun!
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This is much too embarrassing so I'm going to have to let my Mom tell the story! red face
Kufu is very dramatic, I call him my little drama King! He goes in and out all day long, but come night time, he has to stay in. Anytime we are going to leave the house for more than just a quick trip to the store, all the kitties have to stay in. When we are getting ready to leave, Kufu will go to the door to be let out. I tell him "No, you have to stay in cause we're leaving." All I have to do is turn the lock on the handle of the front door and he literally stomps off into the other room!
Orange Crush

Let the good- times roll!
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waveMr. Kufu!

Thanks for posting your story!
Feel free to post EASTER themed pictures on our group photo section!
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Hello everyfur! Thanks for inviting me to this WONDERFUL Catster group!


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Hi its Paris! This is my story:

I am a Turkish Angora and us Angoras LOVE water. So my human sister was taking a shower so i jumped up on the ledge and just got my paws wet. I was enjoying myself. Then I jumped on the faucets in the shower and the hot one was EXTREMELY hot. It hurt my paw and I fell in the tub. I was soaked. I normally look all pretty and fluffy, but when i am wet I am really small. I was so embarrassed! kitty