Families Against Breed Bans (aka FABB)

Zack CGC

Barked: Wed Mar 19, '08 12:53pm PST 
Hi everyone,

Due to the ridiculousness of breed bans we have decided to start a group based in Seattle, WA to oppose any form of legislation that discriminates against us or our dogs. We are opposed to breed bans and would love to see tougher laws that target and punish irresponsible dog owners, which is where the real problem lies.

This is a great opportunity for all you proactive dog owners in Seattle (and anywhere else actually) to unite with us as we fight any attempts to bring BSL into this great city and to fight BSL already in place.

This group was originally called 'Seattle Bully Lovers Against BSL' but we realized we wanted to include people all throughout the USA (and world) and we did not want to isolate other dog breed owners who also suffer due to BSL. So, this group is open to everyone and anyone who have been, are being, or may be targeted by BSL.

Oh, and if you don't own a dog but just want to join in because you know that Breed Specific Laws are are unjust and punish responsible dog owners, then by all means sign up! The fact is that breed bans do nothing to ensure public safety as irresponsible dog owners are not limited to owning our precious pitbulls!

Come one, come all...

Our first meeting is scheduled for March 29 - see the web link for more details.

Click here to check outThe Families Against Breed Bans!