help house breaking


Barked: Tue Mar 18, '08 4:14pm PST 
is there any easy ways to potty train these kinds of dogs? I am having the hardest time breaking mine of peeing in the house.
♥- Mischa- ♥

Mischa- a cute lil' pup!
Barked: Tue Mar 18, '08 6:08pm PST 
us, about the nousebreaking aid, we let our dog smell it 3 times a day. then she now starting pooping right there. you just ask her to smell it 3-4 times a day. before she used to poop under the couches. since then she started pooping in a particular place. big grin
Ethel Weiner

Barked: Wed Oct 8, '08 8:34pm PST 
I connected Ethel to her leash and slipped my foot through the loop. She HAD to be everywhere I was. I could control where she was at all times, so there was no "presents" hidden through the house. If I was doing something too engrossing to take her out every 20/30 minutes, I crated her.
The plus is that she thinks she HAS to be with me all the time now, and I know her "look" so we don't have accidents.