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Birthday Thread!!!

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Layla Ali

Hi there...wanna- be my friend??
Barked: Wed Mar 12, '08 2:45pm PST 
Hey everyone!! wave Here is a list of the birthdays of all our friends on The Mud Puddle
Please check it over make sure yours is right and if it is not on here post it or send me a p-mail!

balloons balloons balloons balloons


8th Maddie
18th Ava


3rd Zoe
3rd Lacy
4th Maxwell
24th Bella


10th Rags
16th Mr Barney Paws
17th - Sadie
17th Hunter
20th- Mylie
20th - Bink
Easter time Spike


3rd Amazing Gracie
5th Kinko Poodle aka Fabio
7th Cody
10th Tuffy
17th Bella Cinderella


7th Zoie
19th Jerry


1st Snickers
12th Nino
15th Odie
17th Brittney


1st Soleil Shih Tzu
8th Layla Ali


10th Tinkerbelle
15th Kallie
17th ©Reba
18th China Sue


2nd Mopar
4th Trapper
10th Cammy
10th Snuggles
15th Xena
15th Misty
20th Skeezics

October< /b>

10th Charlie
10th Gigi
18th Bo
22nd Toto


16th Coco
17th Dancing Coconut Kisses
18th Sam

December< /u>

7th Smokey
8th Josie
11th Jody
12th Silky Schnoodle RIP
17th Maggie
28th Harley
29th Sammie Poochon

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Amazing- Gracie

Proof that God- has a sense of- humor
Barked: Mon Mar 31, '08 9:51pm PST 
I will be 2 years old on April 3. I'm a big girl now.applause
Layla Ali

Hi there...wanna- be my friend??
Barked: Tue Apr 1, '08 8:26am PST 
Thanks Amazing Gracie...I put you on the list!!!

Bella- Cinderella

Princess Bella- is here to play
Barked: Wed Apr 2, '08 2:50pm PST 
I will be one on April 17 wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee I can't wait!
Layla Ali

Hi there...wanna- be my friend??
Barked: Wed Apr 2, '08 3:08pm PST 
wave Hey Bella....your on there!!!

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Barked: Thu Apr 10, '08 12:51pm PST 
I be 4 year old on March 17blue dog

I love to play- with my brother- Hunter
Barked: Thu Apr 10, '08 12:53pm PST 
I be 12 year old on Dec.7snoopy

Born to bark!
Barked: Tue Apr 15, '08 4:24pm PST 
My birthday is December 11, 2000
China Sue,- In Loving- Memory

I'm a big girl,- too!!
Barked: Tue Apr 15, '08 4:25pm PST 
My birthday is August 18, 1997
Ms Gigi

Don't hate me- 'cause I'm- beautiful
Barked: Tue Apr 15, '08 4:27pm PST 
My birthday is October 10, 2005. (We are guessing - I was a rescue and the date was Oct 10 when I got my furever home and they said I was 2 years old - so that's my birthday story).
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