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♥ Angel Kendra ♥

My heart belongs- to my Daddy
Barked: Tue Mar 11, '08 2:53pm PST 
Hi pups! wave

I just wanted to let you pups know that we did not start this group. Some other pups started it, then left dogster. I guess we became administrators by default because we were the only pups in the group so far.

I am so sorry this group has not been active. I did not want to tell HQ to shut it down because I did not want to kick you pups out, but we do not have time to run it. frown

Pink princess!!!- That's me!
Barked: Tue Mar 11, '08 10:29pm PST 
I would be ok with whenever.......
A place where us diva's can just come and post messages or coming up with questions every once in a while!

I belong to other grounps
and they do stuff like that....we maybe can link this to another one AND share ideas.

I do see some of my fellow poms on here.

Whay does everyone else thing?
♥ Angel Kendra ♥

My heart belongs- to my Daddy
Barked: Sat Mar 15, '08 7:55pm PST 
Steaky, I am fine with that. way to go I just wanted you and the other pups to know what happened.