We're 2 Iggy's who can drive!

Mia Lee

Barked: Mon Mar 10, '08 8:53pm PST 
.........OUR MOTHER NUTSO!!! laugh out loudlaugh out loudbig grindancing

It's been rainy and cold in the Sunshine State, so since Mojo marked on some furniture in the room we usually hang out in, Mom made us stay in her room all day and so, well, we had a party! partypartycheer Of course it was impromptu, but Mom had the flu, so what could we do? We felt bad, but not bad enough to turn this bedroom into a romper room! You should've seen Mojo flying through the air! He's so light, like a feather, and then there's me; CLUNK! Either way, we are like 2 2-year olds and Mom is just big laugh laughing her way to the looney bin. We are NOT outside dogs, but hey! at least we live in Florida and not the hinterlands.

My mom just wanted to say hi and to tell you guys that it's truly amazing how fluid and graceful we IG's move; we're on FIRE, BABY! Now let's hope the rain will stop and we can do our zoomies as God intended us to (????????) wink

That's it; just a quick hello and nothing clever about it. Glad you're here and hope everyone is well.

With poochie smoochies for all,
Mia Lee
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