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How fun is this?? Bassets in MN!

First question: Does anyone have a basset who's had glaucoma?? Emma came down with acute onset glaucoma several months ago and lost her sight in her left eye. We have now made the painful decision to remove her left eye--because the pressure couldn't be kept under control and her pain has been slowly increasing.

Anyone else go through this?? I'm a wreck. cry
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Unfortunately, we have/are going through the exact same thing with Miss Copper. In October (three weeks after my daughter was born), Copper lost vision in her right eye due to acute onset glaucoma. It happened so fast, I couldn't believe it! One evening I noticed her third eyelid was up-- I assumed that she had gotten something in it, and I would take her in the next day if it wasn't any better. We couldn't get an appointment until the next afternoon (I didn't know it was an emergency problem, or I would have pushed harder), and our local vet said the pressure was way up. She gave us a script and made us an appt with the opthamologists at the U of MN. Over the next few weeks Copper was on anywhere from 4 to 16 eyedrops a day, in an attempt to save her vision, but it had gone.

We elected to do a ciliary body ablation (sp?-- basically the laser treatment to shut off the tear ducts so that the pressure could remain normal in her right eye. We decided to have that done because it was the cheapest and least invasive option.

In retrospect, I would have just had them remove the orb completely. That eye is vision-less, but she still tends to scratch it (causing corneal ulcers) if I'm not watching her when she's sniffing around the wooded area near our house. The lens in that eye has also recently luxated--- because the whole eye kind of shrinks, the lens became partially detached, and is just kind of floating around. If it detaches entirely, we will have to have that eye removed ANYWAY because it will be extremely painful for her. You're making the right decison to just have it removed at the onset. Your pup will be so much more comfortable in the long run!

The vet tells us that Copper will most likely lose vision in her left eye due to glaucoma within the year (just because this happens to Bassets). Right now her pressures are good, and we're doing a Betaxolol drop to maintain them twice a day. But, still NOT something we're looking forward to.

I'm commited to helping her transition with the least amount of stress involved (you'd NEVER know she only had vision in one eye right now-- she adapted beautifully). We've 'belled' the cats, and I've started teaching her 'wait' and 'step' commands so that it won't be such a learning curve when she goes blind. I read online that using aromatherapy oils to anoint doorways works, but I'm not doing it because Copper's nose is so sensitive, I'm afraid it would just be confusing.

Copper is slinging TONS of healing drool Emma's way. It's VERY hard to go through this, but know that you have to be strong for her. If she has stability in her little doggy world, the transition will be so much easier for her. Good luck, and if you ever need anyone to cry/vent/complain/brag to, just give us a shout on Dogster.

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Our stories are complete mirrors of eachother! Seriously! We also were shocked, stunned, devastated at the loss of the vision IN ONE DAY in her left eye. I too thought it was an infection of some sort so I brought her in the next day. After our vet saw her, (her pressure was 54), she immediately sent us to a specialist by our house (he's WONDERFUL) and already the pressure was 74. He did the laser surgery and her pressure has been kept at about 20 for the past 3 months. Well, just last week, the pressure went up to 30...her eye is cloudier again...and he said it will likely keep getting worse. SO yeah, April 3 is the day for the enucleation. My poor Angel... I've already cried more tears than I can manage. I had a person on another forum send me the book "Living with a blind dog"... so I've been reading up on what to do. Because our eye doctor also said that her right eye will likely follow within the next year or so. Sheesh, I just can't bear the thought. Thanks for the moral support!


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I've had a foster dog with glaucoma. Flash came to us after already losing the vision in both eyes so was totally blind. He was an unbelieveable dog and really taught me a lesson! Even in a new environment he totally adapted without an issue!

I would receomment checking out http://www.blinddogs.com if you have not already done so. It is a wonderful resource with a lot of helpful information!

We did some things to help Flash get around. Each room in the house had a disticnt and seperate scent....we used plug ins. So, the bathroom would have rose, the livingroom had lavendar, bedroom had ocean breeze, etc. This way Flash could identify where he was and where he needed to go. We also put wind chimes at the top and bottom of the deck stairs to help him find his way back when outside.

Although it is so physically hard on them at first...in the end I really believe they just think "ok, now I can't see...gotta use the nose" and off they go about their day! Us humans need to be as resilient!

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I love reading posts like that that are so encouraging! I DID join the blind dog group...and found out about a wonderful thing called an "Angel Vest". It's a harness thing that has like the equivalent of a white cane for people that goes from shoulder to shoulder around the dog's head so when they first go blind, they don't run their little heads into everything. I'm worried about how I'll teach her to go up and down stairs...and our house has stairs, there's no way around it. I'm also worried about having to go to work and leave her alone....not sure what we'll do about that yet. I guess I shouldn't worry until it happens (when she loses her "good" eye)...but I want to be prepared too! I had a book sent to me that I"m reading called "Living with a blind dog" and it said in there that one owner said after her dog went blind, they just stood in the middle of the room and cried (the dog did). Sheesh, if that happens, I won't be able to take it!
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