Hillary's behavior

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Barked: Fri Mar 7, '08 7:26am PST 
Is any one else out there tired of Hillary's behavior? she is always picking on Obama. It was her camp that started that rumor about Obama and Cananda on the Nafta trade, which many pundits says cost Obama the Ohio election.Why won't she release her tax forms? What does she have to hide? She just attacks him on every issue, calling him an empty suit, and one ad she made him darker than he is, and she never congratulates him on the race, and claims Mc Cain has more experience. Is she racist or a Republican in Democrats clothing?puppywishes Abbey
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Barked: Sat Sep 6, '08 3:12pm PST 
I did not like the way she kept fight with Obama when he was far ahead in the primaries. I think I am, not alone on this subject