A Bit Agressive

Stella Marie

Sweet Potato Pie
Barked: Thu Mar 6, '08 8:38am PST 
I am a 9 1/2 week old Shar-Pei/lab mix and my mommy seems to think that my agressivness may not be so normal anymore. I like to play and I am always wagging my tail while I am biting. My parents have tried a lot of things to make me stop biting. I never bite my friends or my parents friends, but there is just something about mommy and daddy that I like to bite. What can my parents do to get me to stop biting? Thanks for any help
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Stella Marie

Barked: Tue Mar 11, '08 10:53am PST 
Ohhh, I remember the "needle teeth" biting days of puppy hood! The good news is that you're not alone (puppy biting is normal) and that it will pass. big grin
We used a combination of approaches with the pups, including redirecting them to something that's okay for them to bite/chew (toys), and saying "Ouch!" in a high pitched voice and turning/leaving the puppy for a bit (to signal the end of playtime because of the biting). Because they're teething, we also had A LOT of different things for them to bite/chew on of various textures. Hang in there!

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Stella Marie

Sweet Potato Pie
Barked: Tue Mar 11, '08 12:52pm PST 
Thanks, That is a big help, and I am definately teething, mommy caught me chewing on the steel rails to the furniture last night (the cold feels really good) Mommy stuck my kong bone in the freezer for awhile to get it nice and cold for me and that works even better than the steelhailsnoopy