What Dog Breed are You?


Spartan Puppy
Barked: Thu Mar 6, '08 5:48am PST 

Let us know what your paw-rent is!

Our mommy was a bulldog....!!!!shock
Sasha- Forever in- my Heart

Love Dog
Barked: Thu Mar 6, '08 4:23pm PST 
Both my mommy and daddy were Border Collies ,just like me ! laugh out loud
I guess I got them trained right !

Small means- Stealthy
Barked: Sun Mar 9, '08 3:58pm PST 
BOL! I don't think either of my pawrents have even met a bulldog, and they both ended up as one....


Have Food Will- Find You
Barked: Fri May 23, '08 8:13pm PST 
Our mommy was a bull dog too BOLwave

Mr. Sam :)
Barked: Sun Jun 7, '09 1:23pm PST 
My pawrents were both Pembroke Welsh Corgisbig grin