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Barked: Thu Mar 20, '08 7:36am PST 
We're goin' to court! We're goin' to court! We're goin' to court! YIPEEEEEE!!!!! cheercheercheer
Justice is Going to Be Served!
Love, Sport

Boxer by name,- boxer by nature!
Barked: Sat Mar 22, '08 11:51pm PST 
cheer Yay, maybe Saxony and her family will finally get to see some justice done for what happend to their beautiful girl.
I just hope the wife is not doing it for the wrong reasons say for instance just to be spiteful. If that was the case it could all end up badly. shrug

Too cute for- words
Barked: Mon Mar 24, '08 8:20pm PST 
Well, if they ask & there are other violent episodes that've happened it'll help

jonathon my- loving angel

Punish the deed,- not the breed
Barked: Sun Nov 16, '08 12:26pm PST 
mommy has made a tribute pic. of saxony on my dogster page. She wants to contact saxony's mommy and send it to her, but it looks like she has just the regular dogster page and we do not know how to post it.

Saxony's senseless death really hurt mommy and she wanted to do something kind for Saxony's mommy. The pic. is just a little thing, but sometimes little tokens mean alot.

any help would be appreciated.
The Boys

Two Wild And- Crazy Guys!!!!
Barked: Sun Mar 8, '09 12:54pm PST 
Thanks for the update Shadow!! I really hope everything worked out & that her furmily got justice.
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