Whats your fav song by the JB (obviously)


I love Theo
Barked: Sat Mar 1, '08 6:24pm PST 
laugh out loud
This was suggested by Jasper since nothing has been happening

ok mine is take a breath cheer
Matilda [no longer mine]

Do you gots a- treat?
Barked: Mon Mar 3, '08 9:49am PST 
Mine is Goodnight and Goodbye and When You look me in the eyessnoopy

Being cute is my- job!!
Barked: Wed Mar 5, '08 1:08pm PST 
My favorite songs are Inseparable, When You Look Me in the Eyes, and Goodnight and Goodbye.smile


"energetic for- most 77- year-olds"
Barked: Sat Mar 15, '08 5:33am PST 

just friends
and i get a KICK snoopy out of australia smile