♥Dog Rescue's This or that Game♥

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♥Bell- a Summer- (Bella)

This Girl can- ROCK!
Barked: Fri Feb 29, '08 5:17pm PST 
This game is simple....just pic this or that...here's an example:

Bella- bones or biscuits?

-then the next doggie would reply what they like better....then they post their own this or that...

Good Luck


Dog cage or Dog House?

I'm a Lucky Dog!
Barked: Sat Mar 1, '08 5:52am PST 
Bella - I love being in my crate, so I choose dog cage.

My this or that: napping on the couch or napping on the bed?
♥Bell- a Summer- (Bella)

This Girl can- ROCK!
Barked: Thu Mar 6, '08 6:32pm PST 
I love my bed!

My this or that: water or grass?


Eat, sleep and- be merry
Barked: Fri Apr 11, '08 7:00am PST 
WATER!!!!! I`m a water dog!

this or that? Play inside or outside?blue dog
♥Bell- a Summer- (Bella)

This Girl can- ROCK!
Barked: Sat Apr 26, '08 12:19pm PST 

My this or that:

truck riding, or car?

Smiley Bug
Barked: Wed May 14, '08 6:48am PST 
My mama used to have a Neon and now she has a Jeep Liberty. The liberty is more roomy so I have to say Da truck....

Hmmm.... Dog Park or your own Backyard ?
♥Bell- a Summer- (Bella)

This Girl can- ROCK!
Barked: Sat Jun 7, '08 5:27am PST 
My own backyard

Short fur or long fur?
Curly - -ADOPTED-

I'm cute, so- cute, so cute
Barked: Tue Aug 19, '08 10:36am PST 
Oh, this is difficult. Since I have long furr and doggies allways want what they do not have (or are those the humans?)
I like short furr.

Nose rubbing or kiss from mom

Mr. Moose
Barked: Sun Sep 14, '08 2:35pm PST 
Dog Cage
Maxxy Angel

Barked: Wed Oct 29, '08 10:24am PST 
Okay, so we're just a little late with this! smile We just joined...

NOSE RUBBING!!! Absolutely! Definitely! My mom is all the time kissing on me, and it gets old, let me tell you. Especially when she does it while I'm trying to get my beauty sleeeeep.

Speaking of beauty-- if anyone's still out there with this thread ( big grin ), ...

getting a B-A-T-H, or getting brushed??
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