Dysplasia stories


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Hi guys, This is the first group we have really been involved in so excuse us if we have posted in the wrong section. We just wanted to know about everyones story- your diagnoisis, treatment and lifestyles big grin

We will start...

Whiskey (4yr old westie) was diagnoised with Hip Dysplasia 2 years ago. We took him to the vet for his booster, straight away the new vet said... so he has Dysplasia? it was a total shock to us because to us he was the same as other dogs. He is a bit slow during walks but we just though it was because he liked to sniff!
The vet reccomended that we hold off any further investigations until he starts to show signs of discomfort- mainly for insuranc reasons. At the moment he is great, he has great walks and does not appear to be suffering at all with his condition. He just takes his time! big grin

We cant wait to hear about any tips or advice!

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i just found out about nakita having hip dysplasia on 2/27/08. it was a total shock for me as nakita is only 2 1/2 years old. i was thinking i was going to have a heart attack when the vet called me after the xrays because at first i was thinking when the vet called i was hoping it was going to be just thriod problems but no its not frown .
now nakita has to lost 20-30 pounds and is on Etodolan 400mg as needed and is on Hill's R/D dogs food and is on Glocosamine 500mg/Chondroitin 400mg 2x a day and also the vet wants us to go swimming out at the lake as much as we can this summer to help her hips.

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Hi, we are from Germany. My dog Timmy ( 11) has been diagnosed severe hd when he was 5 months old-that was in 1997! It was a shock for me. He is my first dog. One month later, the vet ( a specialist for orthopedics) performed a "femurhead-resection" on the left. 7 years later, Timmy got a total hip replacement on his other side. We went through hard times but I've never regret to be gone this way with my dog!
Timmy has a website (www.timmy-hd.de) - it's only in German but just look at the pictures and you'll understand what I mean!
Wish you all the best luck ever for you and your dogs!


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Hi ..My name is Emma and I'm 7 months old and last week was told I have severe HP...I am to take pain/anti inflammatory pills and lots of glucosamine everyday and when I turn 1 yr. old in July I will have surgery...My moms sad....but determined to make me all better. Dads built me steps to get in the car...and we use cushions to help me get up on the bed, and we're getting a life jacket so I can exercise in the pool when the water warms up.....I know this isn't a great thing to have but I know I'm loved an awful lot.........
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Thank you so much everyone for sharing your stories. They make us so sad. We don't want any of you to be in pain. My name is Sissy. I am a rescued golden retriever with severe HD. I am about 11. I also have a bad shoulder and elbow on my right front leg from where I was hit by a car. It is possible some of the hip damage is from that, as well. My mommy found me in the road 7 years ago and rushed me to the vet....I do great. I take metacam as needed. I take glucosomine 500mg a day and I am trying to lose a few pounds...but really am not overweight so it is difficult. I can't really exercise too much or it makes it difficult to move................we take slow walks. I also have lots of arthritis. I have a wonderful family. I am one lucky girl!!!dogdog

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Well I believe one thing for sure........we have angels watching over us.........hughughug

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I don't have Dispaysia but I do have intravertebral disk disease. If I may post!!! My spine will eventually deteriorate and we will have to decide what is best for me. Fortunately now, I have more good days than bad but time will tell. When it acts up mom and dad carry me everywhere etc. I also get Coesquine and it is expensive, but mom and dad love me so they buy it and it has been helping.

Love to all!!!!!hug

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My name is emma and I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when I was 6 mos old. I am now 11 m0s old and have had two triple pelvic osteotomies. It is a surgery they only do on puppies and there cant be any joint damage. I also take glucosamine and chondroitin. I am still recovering from my surgery on march 20th and feel so much better. I was born with this disease and I know how bad it hurts. Thanks to some wonderful angels at IMOM and OSLF I am going to be a healthy and happy normal puppy. cheer