Need a ride to holistic vet in Laval!!! Urgent!!!


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Barked: Thu Feb 28, '08 9:58am PST 

My Bulli Scarlet has had urinary infections every 6-11 months for the last 2 yrs. Scarlet will be 6 in May. We need help. Without a car we had to relie on an incompetent vet who kept pushing the vet urinary brands ( he sells Royal Canin, Hill`s Science Diet) which she severely reacted to & not offering much beyond Novo-Lexin antibiotics. He even blamed me when her infection re-occured within a month, saying that it was my fault because I "asked" him to keep changing the vet food. For her 2nd infection (after 11 months) she refused outright to eat the vet food. Scarlet would eat once then starve herself until the food was changed etc etc. She survived by eating my food (I am vegetarian). 9 vet food changes in 11 weeks!!! Even vet foods that had nothing to do with urinary prevention/infections. Canned cost $200 a month, out of my reach. She reacted to the food the same way as to her anesthesia when her deformed back legs were reconstructed. It takes MONTHS for the flares ups & side effects to dissipate. All the while she is depressed & lethargic.

The last time, Sept. 07, I had finally received some lost work comp from the SAAQ & we went to the Mtl. DMV. I was hit by a red-light runner a couple of yrs ago. I just finished physio. The Dmv emergency vet/specialists offered more options, like directly taking urine from her bladder. Turns out she had Crystals!!! The Batril seemed to work & I started Scarlet on Natural Factors`s Women`s Cran-Probiotic (approved by her new, Bulli-experienced vet).

This morning she started peeing blood again frown

I am trying to find a ride to the holistic vet up in Laval, Dr. Guidon (helped create this site). She is normally content, if lonely for other non-racing dogs (non in our area - N.D.G.?) & is not yet in much pain.

Scarlet has been on only kibble/kibble & canned/kibble & home menu (approved by nutritionalist)/home menu & still the infections persist.

Any help?