Show and Tell - Silly Outfits


The- Anonyshcnauzer- of Leap
Barked: Wed Feb 27, '08 7:52pm PST 
Just like the previous show and tell, show us a picture and tell us a story about it!!

This time around lets get dressed in our silliest clothes!!!

Silliest dog wins a rosette, contest ends March 8th
Mason- Anderson

Cake, I love- Cake!
Barked: Thu Feb 28, '08 7:07am PST 
Ha! I can join this one! One of my pal's mom had an attack of the stoopids for halloween and bought him an Elvis suit (white jumpsuit, what else?) to wear! He is a big dog, a labradork! Well, somehow she bought him a size that didn't quite fit! laugh out loud It fits me, a mini schnauzer! eek So she sent it to me and being from Tennessee, I immediately put it on and swiveled my hips and Dogster made me dog of the day! dancing I'm doing my Elvis impersonation on my page!

Mason snoopy (adding a little hip swivel)

The- Anonyshcnauzer- of Leap
Barked: Thu Feb 28, '08 9:41am PST 
OMD too funny!! now all you need is a nice pink car!
Mom bought me a Lobster outfit, she is going to make me wear it to a crawfish boil, i hope no one mistakes me for dinner!!


The- Anonyshcnauzer- of Leap
Barked: Mon Mar 10, '08 10:38am PST 
Hehe Mason your our winner this time around!!
If anyone has Show and Tell ideas feel free to pmail them to me.
General- Beaureguard- aka Beau

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Barked: Mon Mar 10, '08 1:21pm PST 
Have you seen the photo of me in my cowboy hat and bandanna? It's may not look funny to you guys but I sure felt pretty dumb in it!red face