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Me & My BC♥

Have some sort of training question?
From simple tricks to agility or dog sports, feel free to post here. Since of coarse, I may not know can also relate to a socializing and chat thread. Other members, feel free to answer any training questions asked. And feel free to chat about any kind of training related subject, it is a training advice and talk thread anyhoo! wink

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Breena asks;

Hi, I'm Breena and I just wanted to say thanks for noticing what a fabulous border collie I am. Ha ha, I got invited to be in this club and my twin brother didn't!

But I think I'm gonna invite him anyway, cuz we do everything together...

My mom has a question for all you guys. We were reading Cassie's page and one of her tricks is rolling over. My mom can NOT get me or my brother to roll over. We're really good with other tricks, we sit and shake and high-five and back up and bow. We like to lie on our backs when we're cuddling or playing, so there's no physical reason we can't roll over, we just don't understand what mom wants. We get really freaked out if she just tries to get us to lie on our sides.

Mom says her other dogs all learned this lickety-split and she wonders if it's our fabulous border-collie brains that are getting in the way.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

She's tried:
1. Telling me to lie down, then passing the treat over my shoulder so that I turn my head, but when I can't turn my head anymore I don't turn on my side to reach farther, I just jump up on my feet again.

2. Saying roll over while trying to push me over. That really freaks me out. What IS she doing?

3. Waiting until I happen to lie on my side and then giving the "dead dog" command and praising me and giving me treats. What is THAT all about?

I don't know what she's up to, but it sure seems suspicious!


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Ozzie also knows how to rollover, it took him about 5 minutes to actually learn the trick. Then later I practiced with him.
I taugh thim this by,
I cut up some of his favourite, frozen hot dog and used that as a reward. Boy, would he do anything for frozen weenies!
I told him to rollover, obviously no response, so no reward.
I then lead the hot dog around his shoulder/neck, he looked, and almost went, but then straightened up. So that didn't work out to good.
My third option lead to just tapping him over.
I got his attention and leaned him on his side with the soothing comfort of a weenie by his nose! He went over freely, so I said rollover and tapped him over the rest of the way.
A couple minutes of repeating that....
And he's got it!

Hope this helps, atleast if not alot, a little. way to go

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Oliver PAWS

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I agree with Oz. Treats and a clicker thing.

1. Click and treat. then your dog knows the clicker fur being good. I love the clicker so much.

2. Have your dog lay down on their side.

3. Have their nose follow all the way around so they follow it and roll over.

4. When they roll around click and treat.

tip: Once you click the clicker you MUST treat.