Me & My BC♥ Suggestion Thread

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Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 12:42pm PST 
Me & My BC♥

Got a suggestion?
About Forums, Pictures, Logo's, Threads, anything. Just post here and we'll see (admin's) what we can do.

For example,
If you have a thread idea..I'll just make one up, say..
What tricks do you know?
or something like,
Guess the age of the dog below you, etc, etc
Games or information, we can go both ways, so be free to suggest anything.

No suggestion is a stupid suggestiondancing
Oliver PAWS

<3s tennis- balls, peanut- butter, & Fling
Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 3:28pm PST 
We need a BC park.
Felix - In Loving Memory

My bite is worse- then my bark!- grrrrrrr
Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 3:41pm PST 
I think that when we get more member it would be fun to have monthly contests.


Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 4:17pm PST 
Thats a good idea Ollie, since you and Felix are both admins, feel free to make threads also.

That is also a great idea Felix, I plan on also have a BC of the Month eventually. dancing