Me & My BC♥ Favourite Toy?

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Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 7:13am PST 
Me & My BC♥

Some of you may know I started a thread in this in the BC Dogster forums and it seemed pups quite liked to share their favourite toys, so why not start one here?

I'll start then,

My favourite toys include of....everything.
Vacuum cleaners, Angel, Mom, Frisbee's, Soccer Balls, Plastic Containers, Kleenex, what ever you give me I will play with it. laugh out loud
But I do LOVE frisbee's & Tennis balls...& of course, sticks!

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Oliver PAWS

<3s tennis- balls, peanut- butter, & Fling
Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 8:19am PST 
Anything that can move, and roll. Or that can fit in my mouth and I can show off.


TENNIS BALLScheercloud 9

Jack the Border- Collie - Rescues Rock!
Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 11:48am PST 
hiya im new hear my best toy ever has got to be a frizbee dog snoopy puppycheer

Felix - In Loving Memory

My bite is worse- then my bark!- grrrrrrr
Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 12:44pm PST 
My favourite toy would have had to have been my tug-of-war toy. I just love it so much and whenever anyone would say the word "chew toy" I would run around everywhere looking for it.

Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 12:56pm PST 
Ah yes, Tug-o-war toys. Bol- I love my big tug-o-war tire! snoopy

My Baylee- forever <3
Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 2:12pm PST 
Stuffies!!!!! I love anything I can rip apart and pull all the fuzz out of!laugh out loud
Rufus CGC

No bar too high,- no tunnel too- long
Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 4:44pm PST 
- Stuffed animals and their insides are really tasty
- My Kong Wubba
- Any tug toy
- Toilet paper rolls
- The occasional shoe - when the family isn't looking
- Paper towels

Toys that don't interest me so much
- Tennis balls - ehhh they're ok
- Frisbees - I don't get what's so exciting about them besides I rip them up easily when I do catch em
- Rubber kongs - I can't be bothered trying to get any sort of food out... too much work. BOL!

Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 6:27pm PST 
Ooh, & can't forget my, LOOFA. cloud 9laugh out loud

My Baylee- forever <3
Barked: Sun Feb 24, '08 7:02am PST 
Most toys are killed in about 2- 15 mins. laugh out loud So I only get stuffies as a special treat.
My first wubba lasted me about 45 mins but now that I know what to do they only last 10. laugh out loud
Mom buys me the "airdog/squeaker" tennis toys and those last me a little longer (about a week) and the largest galileo (sp) nylabone which lasts me a couple months.
I don't like the hard rubber type toys.
Anyone else go through toys so fast??

Barked: Sun Feb 24, '08 7:45am PST 
Me, Me, wavelaugh out loud

Of coarse me tennis balls don't last long at all, unless mom plays fetch with me, if not I just lay down and begin to rip em' apart. Same goes for my frisbee's. laugh out loud
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