Handling Huskies ... especially pups

♥ Bear ♥

Barked: Fri Feb 22, '08 8:09am PST 
Yesterday while taking my little Chihuhua for her puppy shots, I mentioned Bear to her. When I said that he was a Siberian Husky, she got this look on her face and said, "why would you want a husky?" Her and the vet tech both started saying how "bad" huskies were. I've read lots about the breed and I know the challenges they present. I'm just wondering how everyone here has dealt with those issues. Bear is definitely an exception to the "norm" for Husky personality ..... but I've toyed with the idea of a husky pup some time. Any advice?

Barked: Sat Mar 8, '08 10:17pm PST 
Read everything you can find on the breed. Crate training is a great way to prevent destruction while you're not home ( I keep both of mine crated while I'm at work) and to keep them from getting into the trash or eating stuff they shouldn't. Bear may be old enough and settled enough to not need it, but that won't be the case with a puppy. I fully expect to have to keep them crated for a couple of years, at least.

Oh, and in the past week, they have both eaten their crate beds, so the poor things are having to lay on the plastic bottoms of their crates. Maya has destroyed 2 now, and a towel, this is Mira's first destroyed bed, but I can't afford to by new ones every month or so.

Huskies aren't "bad," they're just not for everyone. Heck, when the time comes, you might go for a slightly older puppy, like I did. Maya was 8 months old when I got her, and Mira was 4.5 months. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment, and Iif I can do it here, you surely can handle it.