bad grooming experience


Prince Mikito- the Implaer
Barked: Thu Feb 21, '08 9:24am PST 
wave please never take your schanuzer to the petco in prestonwood center (in north dallas off of beltline) we had the worst experience ever eek
our mom paid for a hair cut (we were a bit scruffy looking) and they didn't cut our hair AND the left poop in the fur under my tail! needless to say our mom was livid. there were lots of people coming over and my mom kept loudly pointing out the poop on my butt. the worst part was that we had to go back the next morning to get groomed again....the upside is that they gave us a gift card so we were able to get treats for being traumatized but thankfully we won't have to go back there to get groomed again!snoopy

Sophisticated- Beauty
Barked: Mon Feb 16, '09 1:22pm PST 
Sorry that happened to you, Mikito. I go to Petsmart, and they do a fantastic job there.