Need some help!


Charlie Pie
Barked: Mon Feb 18, '08 3:29pm PST 
Alot of dogs in Canada came from Ohio and other deep south states. "Ohio" is an indian word meaning "where good dogs die young". Every weekend, some dogs are saved by transports from Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio to Ontario. But last weekend, 10 dogs were left in Ohio because the coordinator in Michigan could not find any one to transport between Buffalo and Grimsby. This weekend, 23 vetted dogs are waiting to get to safety in Canada. They must be crated across the border. Canadian border crossings can be trouble sometimes. Who will help with the most critical leg of these transports?

We are also looking for a Canadian rescue to take a healthy, un-abused, but neglected GSD and also a Newfie that cannot be with cats. We've never helped with a GSD going to Canada, but there are plenty of good ones here that need a good home.

contact me directly for coordinator e-mail info