When is yer Barkday??

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There's nothin I- won't eat :)
Barked: Wed Mar 26, '08 3:55pm PST 
December 10th, 2002 party

Barked: Sat Jun 7, '08 12:02pm PST 
I just had my barkday on June 5th. I is 1 now!


Barked: Fri Jun 27, '08 6:41am PST 
my birthday is 1-7-2008 my gota day is 3-14 2008.

Janie Anne

Colorado- Mountain Basset
Barked: Fri Jun 27, '08 1:54pm PST 
Mine is August 17, I'll be 6.

Barked: Tue May 19, '09 11:20am PST 
I don't know the exact day, but it's July of 2008 wave
Stormie Rose

touch me please!
Barked: Wed Jun 3, '09 4:15am PST 
my birfday is August 28- I was born the night hurricane Gustave hit here in Louisiana,my mommy is glad it didn't blow me away!cheer

My Troublemaker
Barked: Fri Jun 5, '09 9:16am PST 
Oh, Arooooo. Tummy Rub, now? Every day is Barkday for me. I get food. I love you anyway but I really like food. You can put it on the counter or table. I can reach it. My date of birth is August 1, 1997. I am really close to 12 years young. I was a rescue in 1999 from a family that thought I was a good idea for a family with twin humans on the way and a 2 year old with a daddy in the Army.

yay food!
Barked: Sun Oct 11, '09 1:56pm PST 
Mine is August 13, 2005!!!! I just turned 4!!! hamster dance

Barked: Sun Jan 23, '11 10:14am PST 
Buford's Barkday is Aug 29, 2008
Dudley's "Gotcha day" is July 11, 2009 We don't know his actualy barkday but we use the day we rescued him. He is aprox 10 years old
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