Bulldogs and Protein


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Hey everyone -
Sonny is coming home on Sunday and we are so excited!
I am going later on to pick up some food for him - sadly, I found out that the breeder isn't feeding him the best food but I know I have to make the switch to something better gradually.
Question - HOW MUCH PROTEIN should a bulldog be getting? He is 8 weeks old. I know bulldogs really shouldn't get a heavy load of protein because of potential joint issues and growth spurts and itching problems etc. How much is too much and how much is too little? How are the ALL LIFE STAGES foods like Canidae and Natural Balance?
Honestly, I'm at a dead heat toss up between NATURAL BALANCE and INNOVA PUPPY but INNOVA has 2 puppy brands - the regular and the large breed. The large breed is 2% less protein for slower growth. ANYONE OUT THERE WITH ADVICE ON THIS, PLEASE HELP
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Hi Sonny, your best thing is to ask your doctor what to eat - so many choices and some are better for bulldogs than others too. Sorry I didn't see your message before this - we did vote for you in the contest all last month though! Sarge snoopy
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NATURAL BALANCE is what we use but Blackwood 5000 is good too If your bully has allergies like mine. We have to be careful about treats too.blue dog