Deaf old me. Mom needs ideas please

Alex **Angel- On The- BRIDGE**

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Barked: Wed Feb 13, '08 8:10pm PST 
Well, I scared Mommy to death today, and I really didn't mean to do it.
As some of you know, I'll be 14 in June and for a girl my age, I don't look half face if I do say so myself, but looks aren't everything, now are they?
Mom & Dad have come to realize that I've lost most of my hearing, so they keep a close watch on me, and usually I'm pretty good about sticking close to the house.....except today (insert evil grin here).
See, we have a skunk that has made his home UNDER our house and has sprayed EVERYTHING! Mom is at wits end, and NOBODY in the state will help her, but that's another story.
Anyhow, Skooter heard "GetOut" (that's the skunk's name) today and wanted to go after him.....he is under the house after all! Well, I got in on the act (did I mention that Mom was down with a migrane from the smell and stress?) so she wasn't thinking clearly. Skoot & I begged to go out.....and she let us out! (dummy!)
Well, Skooter came back in just a few minutes....whimp, can't take a little ice storm and freezing temps! Mom thought that I would go to our back door like I've started doing.....WRONG!
WHOOSH, I was G-O-N-E!!!
Needless to say I made her get her fat butt our in the freezing stuff to come look for me. I was quite a distance away, on an unsafe, BUSY street. I saw Mom coming and started to run from her 'cause I was scared, but then I saw how scared she was so I hid under a Laurel bush and made her come get me. This woman came down her driveway to ask if Mom had gotten me, and by then I was in the WARM car.
I know I scared Mom, and I know she called for me.....but hey, I can't hear her!
So, what I want to know is this, fencing the yard is out because of money & land restrictions, and putting all 3 of us on leashes EVERY time we go out is more than difficult, so what are some other things Mom & Dad can do to help keep me safe? The 3 immediate neighbors and their families know about me, but that isn't enough.
I have a collar with UTD info & every time one of us gets out the first thing Mom does is call the animal shelter in case someone calls us in or brings us in. Usually we're only gone about 10 minutes or less and we're really close to the house.
Any ideas? Anyone else had to deal with a deaf dog?