going on vacation without Mom and Dad


Barked: Wed Feb 13, '08 7:56pm PST 
Hello. I was wondering if any of you have a lhasa that gets real homesick when they are "on vacation" away from their Mom and Dad? We have an upcoming trip planned and one of my lhasas gets really sad and sits by the door and cries for days waiting our return! Any suggestions on how I can make it easier for him? I bring his bed, toys, treats, etc. but nothing seems to help.

Are you gonna- eat that???
Barked: Fri Feb 15, '08 5:55am PST 
My parents dog is the same way anytime my parents leave for an extended time without her. I remember as a kid my mom having to stock the fridge and pay my cousins to stay at our house she wouldnt be so upset. Hope you find something that works for you..

Lulu, and Luckys mom