Rescue Group Discussion

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Barked: Fri Feb 8, '08 5:39pm PST 
This thread is to discuss rescue groups. What rescue groups would you recommend? What do you like about rescue groups? What are your opinions on rescue groups? Etc.

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Barked: Mon Feb 18, '08 11:28am PST 
One thing I like about rescue groups are the breed specific ones.

If you are looking for a specific type of dog at a very low fee these are great resources!! I mean where else can you get a gorgeous Husky or a stunning German Shepherd for aprox. $150!

Not only that, often these groups foster in their own homes so you have an idea how the dog does with other dogs/ cats / or young kids. Plus let's say you are looking for something rare like a Toy American Eskimo Dog - they will often put you on a list and when one comes in they will call you right away.
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Barked: Tue Feb 19, '08 7:40pm PST 
Yeah! My humans never got a dog from a rescue group, but they almost did! Last year, they didn't have me. They wanted a Sheltie. First place that they checked was the shelter. Next a Sheltie rescue. They didn't have what they were looking for. They did find a Sheltie named Shelby in a rescue group about 4 hours away from us. They applied for her, but someone else got her. At least she got a home!smile I came from the shelter.


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Barked: Sun Mar 9, '08 4:52pm PST 
I'm a rescue! The people who had me before thought I was "too high energy." I guess they shouldn't have gotten a Puppy! Anyway, the rescue group I was relenquished to found me great forever home!!!! I get to do Agility soon. What fun!snoopy
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Barked: Mon Mar 10, '08 1:03pm PST 
Well glad you got a home!snoopyparty
Your story is another example of why people should research what breeds are best for them and then consider what would be best: a puppy or adult.
Good luck in your new home!wink
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Barked: Sat Jun 13, '09 5:27am PST 
I oreo, came from a bad breeder. My parents did not know it at first, but they found out later. I am blind and parcially deaf. But I am still a fuzzy lion!