Shelter Discussion

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Barked: Fri Feb 8, '08 5:37pm PST 
This thread is to discuss shelters. What shelters would you recommend? What do you about shelters? What are your opinions on shelters? Etc.
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Shelters are the BEST DEAL in town on price!

A pet store will sell an non AKC American Eskimo puppy for $800. The shots will run $100 from a private vet. If you don't want messy periods and pet overpopulation the spay will cost another $200. Grand total $1100!

A breeder will sell an AKC female pup for $1500. Add shots and spay - Grand total $1800!

You can get a 1 yr old female (most likely purebred) American Eskimo from the shelter here for $150, and that includes a spay, all the shots, a microchip and a bag of food!

Plus you get the added glow of saving a life.

I never understood why do people only get their pets from pet stores when there are lovely purebreds and hybrids for so much less in the shelter - Also quite frequently they have puppies too.
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I agree. I'm a shelter puppy and I cost $85. Was already neutered. Could of got microchipped for just $10 dollars there, but for some reason my human turned it down. Now they wish they hadn't. Pet stores aren't reputable places to buy from anyways. Only puppy mills and some BYBs sell to pet stores. There are some good breeders out there though.
I think that shelters are one of the best places to adopt. How could you volunteer at a shelter (like my mistress did once and will do again) - or even just look at thew dogs there - and not feel sorry for those dogs?

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I love shelters! I feel bad for so many of the dogs in my shelter because our shelter recently got a whole bunch of doberman Pinchers and Pit bulls from a dog fighting facility, and sadly, they had to be put down. Dogfighting is soooo cruel. so sad.