What's your name?


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Barked: Wed Feb 6, '08 7:07pm PST 
Noticed we've got some new doggies! Everydog post your name, how long you've been competing, titles, age, and anything else you want to.

Magnum's my name Agility's my game!laugh out loud

I'll be competing in August or September.

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Barked: Sun Oct 12, '08 4:07pm PST 
My name is Vanessa, but we all care only about Bilbo. We haven't actually done competitions, yet, but I am trying to contact a local rumored to do agility training.

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Barked: Mon Feb 16, '09 7:52am PST 
My name is Lay Lee Lu or Layla. Mom lets me do agility as a way for me to release all of my energy. She thinks I've done pretty good so far. I already have one agility title and 1 more leg before I get another one all in one weekend. happy dance

Remington- Rimfire, CGC- (Remi)

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Barked: Mon Apr 20, '09 4:23pm PST 
My Name is Remi (short for Remington Rimfire). I am going to be 2 yo in July of 2009. I began training some foundation stuff early on and have been exposed to all equipment but need to refine tons of skills before ready to compete. Mom also needs to improve her own body awareness and handling skills (ALOT)!!

Recently Momma took me to a sports rehab type of vet...since I had frequently become lame and our regular vet kept saying it was my patella...but momma didn't believe that to be true. The rehab vet did a very thorough evaluation and found a couple of vertebrae out of place and popped them back in for me. This also made my back muscles sorta sore cause when the vet touched those spots she got muscle spasms. Then she found a strained iliopsoas muscle. So for know I am focusing on a strengthening and conditioning program to stregthen both the iliopsoas muscle as well as my core muscles. FYI you can see a slide show of my laser treatments on my page. Can't wait to meet you all and find new agility furiends.
Captain- Black , CGC- (Cappy)

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Barked: Mon Apr 20, '09 4:30pm PST 
Hi I am Cappy (short for Captain Black). I am Remi's half brother. We have same daddy and different mommies. I just turned one this March. Momma has done some minimal foundation work with me and I have also been exposed to all equipment. Momma is working on creating a stronger play/work relationship with me since I did really bond more with Remi cause I like to play with him alot. Momma thinks I am going to be an awesome agility dog. She says I'm built for it and she loves how I naturally find the shortest paths between obstacles. Sometimes momma has to practice her patience/delayed gratification skills with me cause she says I take longer to figure things out than Remi. But she says once I get something I do it in grand form and really know it well. Can't wait to get started with some more lessons this summer.

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Barked: Tue Apr 21, '09 6:54pm PST 
My name is Sasha and I hope to be an agility dog when I get older. I'm 3 months old right now, but I already know how to sit, lie down, heel, many others. My mommy is new to the agility sport and hopes to make friends here who she can learn from.
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Barked: Mon May 3, '10 1:47pm PST 
Hi! wave My name is Lucky I am about to start my agility classes! We just did basic so now I know how to sit, lie down, heel, and lots more. I cannot wait to start agility!! I really love leaping over things. Mommy sets some jumps up in the yard and I *love* to fly over them.

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Barked: Sat Jul 10, '10 8:17pm PST 
Awesome guysway to go

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Barked: Fri Jul 23, '10 7:50am PST 
Hello Hello wave
I am Amber and my newest family member is Eli. dancing He is only 8 wks and we will be only doing obedience training for now but I figure why not get into a group where I can learn things from those who are already doing agility. I have never trained agility but have seen it at shows and on TV. It looks like fun for both of us. My daughter Lily will be helping with training too or rather I will be teaching her how to train Eli.

I am more than happy to hear advise, tips, tricks, and things I can do with Eli to move him in the right dirction.