Fuzz is now in Rainbow Bridge


Food Please
Barked: Sun Feb 3, '08 2:58pm PST 
Hi Everyone my Mom's cat named Fuzz died around 10:30 here at home could some email my Mom at mvro@xmission.com just tell her sorry it was like waiting around for my husband to die there was nothing we could do for her thank you Donnacry
mattie- (R.I.P)

Barked: Mon Mar 10, '08 11:55am PST 
i'm sorry to hear about Fuzz. My cat Mattie left Earth behind last night. She is with her Sisters Millie and Sassy now. Maybe they all know each other and are playing or sleeping in the sun together right now. May they all rest peacefully untill we are with them again
Casper - (1Jan1998-20- Feb2010)

Barked: Fri Feb 26, '10 12:20pm PST 
On Feb 20, 2010, I too came to Rainbow Bridge to be with my sisters Angel and Critter, and also my brother Smokie. we all miss our family very much.