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Barked: Tue Jan 29, '08 11:44am PST 
i'm interested in training my dog for agility courses but i don't know where to start. any suggestions?

Mr. enthusiasm! - Yeah! Let's Go!
Barked: Thu Feb 21, '08 11:54am PST 
I took Sammie to an off leash dog park near our home and just walked him through all of the obstacles. It too about 45 minutes for him to get the hang of all of them. After about a month of going every weekend, he runs trhough the course as fast as I can keep up with him.

The few that he had trouble with were the tunnel and the seesaw. He didn't understand what I wanted him to do with the tunnel, as he kept trying to jump over it instead of going through it. I actually had to gently guide him into it the first time . He didn't like the seesaw either initially as he ran down the other side too fast and it crashed down jarring him off. I eventually had to guide hims slowly up to the midpoint, then gently hold him back while the seesaw came level and then urge him on slowly to get it gently down. Now he takes it well on his own.

If you don't have a local park there is a product called Agility-In-A-Bag that can be used anywhere. It is fairly pricey, but has hurdles, a hoop, a tunnel and weave poles.

Hope that you can get going on agility and have fun together. Sammie loves doing agility now as it is a sport that we do togehter as a team... he loves that!