Offical Rules


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Barked: Sun Jan 27, '08 1:28pm PST 
Theese are the offical rules for the contest. Please read over them if you want to get good reviews and move on in this contest.

1. Any type of pictures are aloud, just as long as they follow that weeks theeme. The new theeme each week will be thought over by the Admins (judges) and by any type of photos I mean any, basically you can use photoshop, animation, clothes, props, so on and so on.

2. No bribes toward the judges. This contest will be clean.

3. This rule follows rule 2, Do not be snotty to other members if for some reason they don't make the cut. Also, no need to beg to the judges, we will not change who goes on and who doesn't.

4. The 'Judging Fourm' is only for the typing paws of the judges. And if you read it, it is okay. Just do not pass on who made it and who didn't.

5. Make sure you check weekly for us annoucing winners, and our weekly theemesway to go

6. Each Weekly Theeme Will be announced on Tuesday, then you can post untill Sunday, we (judges) will review the photos and chose the best in our JUDGING FOURM (see #4 for more info about Judging Fourm).

7. Enjoy this contest and have fun with it!snoopy

8. When you have finished the photo for that week add it to your photos and tag it 'Dogster Top Model" and then post it to the main page of the group. The tagging is so if the group loses photos we will have another copy.way to go

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