Watching TV?


Comander- Cody-Comander of- the clone army
Barked: Thu Jan 24, '08 6:22am PST 
I don`t know if its just my puppy and older dog, or all dogs,
but have you ever just been watching tv and a dog is on the screen, and you look at your puppy and/or dog and their just STAIRING at the tv? especaliy Animal Planet?

If the dog on tv barks just the littlest bit, Cody and Bridgey go off!dogshrug
Arthur- Benjamin- Caron

Arturo Franko- Columbo
Barked: Tue Mar 18, '08 7:24am PST 
Hi ,
Arthur does not watch tv, I wish he would, I have heard that is a sign of intelligence if your dog watches. He does have an bad habit of reacting to the loud cat meow they have taken to using on every other ad lately. Even if he is covered and asleep when he hears that sound he jumps down and starts barking. I have begun muting as often as I can to avoid the commotion.

"Imma baby gotta- love me"
Barked: Sat Apr 12, '08 6:59am PST 
Two of my dogs watch TV, Jackie mostly looks at the cartoons I don't know why though. Stevie likes anything though except they both love the Grinch Movie.


kiss,s and hugs- to my pals
Barked: Fri Nov 21, '08 11:59pm PST 
hi every body my name is belle, i am 16 weeks old and i watch some tv,i like some voices and i like the music on some shows,my mommy thinks i am funny when i go sit in front of the screen and just stare at the screen cheer