Tricks & Health Considerations

Fritz, CGC

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Barked: Mon Jan 21, '08 6:37am PST 
Us pups are capable of so many pawtacular physical feats and tricks ~ perhaps more than our hoomans could begin to imagine
thinking shock shock thinking
BUT, every now and then, there's just that one trick that, although most pups can do it, some of us must shy away from it for health reasonsshrug

For example, I suffer from a severe form of canine atopic dermatitis (commonly called skin allergies) cry confused cry Mine is caused by dust mites, well, actually what they "leave behind" in my environment. Last August I almost died from a massive overdose of my immunotherapy injection, that's how my allergies were controlled. Prior to that, I had been on Prednisone and other corticosteroid pills, one side effect of which is a steroid-induced rage, not to mention two other brushes with death from the drugs. The worst side-effect was the obvious decrease in quality of life (not to mention questionable length of life).

Enough on that, the bottom line was, I was unable to train or perform during many of these health issues. Even tricks were given special consideration ..... thinking thinking
For example, there was this one trick where I was suppose to cover my eyes with my paws (we called that one "shame" or "oh, what have you done?") big laugh big laugh big laugh Well, I was not allowed to put my paws near my face (actually near my eyes) because I tended to itch around my eyes and had lost most of the fur, looking more like a racoon in reverse big laugh laugh out loud big laugh
So while all the other pups around were doing that trick ... I wasn't allowed to and had to just sit there looking like I didn't know what a trick was silenced silenced silenced

Then there's my Corgi cousin that did Doggie Freestyle Dance in the same group as me. I must say, he was pawsome and had more moves than me. Sadly, due to a Medial patella luxation (knee cap problems) in both rear legs, he had to retire at the age of two and go on to less physical endeavors - oh, and no weight-bearing tricks either.cry confused

So there are tricks that a pup can either
a)not perform although capable OR
b)perform a modified version of only.

Do any other pups have a similar story to share?
If you have a modified version of a classic trick, perhaps you might like to share it here wave way to go wave
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Tail wags, Fritz ^..^ eek

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Barked: Sun Jul 13, '08 3:25pm PST 
Well, I think that maybe....the jumping into laps trick is off limits for us cuz I'm 105 lbs and my brother is 125lbs and well, mom and dad don't weigh much more than we do so that might be a health consideration for THEM! hehehe laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud
Fritz, CGC

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Barked: Fri Jul 18, '08 6:28pm PST 
blue dog
BOL Angel, pehaps you are right to skip the jumping onto lap trick
big laugh big laugh big laugh big laugh
OMD, it would be a health consideration for you pawrents for sure way to go okay... definitely scratch that one big laugh big laugh