Where are you- going, dont- leave me alone
Barked: Fri Jan 18, '08 8:44pm PST 
No one has started a thread so i guess i willbig grin Why do you love aussies?thinking
Max- (Maximus)

Maximus- Play nice sorta- guy. Peackeeper
Barked: Sun Mar 16, '08 7:49pm PST 
I love aussies cause they're a fun breed. Even my aussie/ collie mutt is super fun and you can tell he's part aussie. He's such a sweety, too.

Hear all! See- all! Chase all!
Barked: Sun Jun 22, '08 8:49am PST 
Hi Frosti! Hi Max! I just joined Aussie luff and we are real glad to meet you guys! Mom says Aussie are wonderful, loving, very protective and extremely smart. Mom always says I am "scary smart"!! BOL! blue dog