Service Dog Discrimination


Barked: Sat Jan 12, '08 9:22am PST 
Service Dogs Discrimination Victims has been started because our dear friend, Dr. Jane Vincent of the greater Tampa Bay, Florida area was THROWN OUT OF WINN-DIXIE ( a grocery chain) for having her Service Dog with her. Dr. Vincent is 80 years YOUNG, and has severe arthritis. She requires the assistance of a service dog for her day-to-day functioning. She reported this matter to the Department of Justice, and has maintained a very detailed journal of EVERY communication. After 2 ½ years, Nothing has been done to correct these violations! NO ENFORCEMENT, not even on the LOCAL LEVEL! Apparently, they are hoping that the “little old lady will get tired and just go away”. Dear Dr. Vincent has chosen to take the fight public… she is writing a book to expose the way some, if not many, service animals and their humans are treated! The protections that are supposed to be there “under the law” are not being enforced, and this one particular company is a “worst offender”. PLEASE JOIN US AND DR. VINCENT IN EXPOSING THIS HIDEOUS PRACTICE AND GETTING SOME REAL CHANGES MADE!

Barked: Thu Jul 24, '08 6:35pm PST 
I am new to this group, would like to add my story. I have been partnered with 6 different service dogs over the last 40 some years. On July 9, 1998, while living in Michigan, my husband and I went to a Japanese resturant to celebrate our wedding aniversary. My service dog was denied entry. There was no reason except discrimination. The police were called and did nothing. I sued the establishment. Case went to a jury trial. I lost the case and had to pay the resturant $42,000.

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Barked: Sat Feb 7, '09 6:45pm PST 
Wow, Ami. That's terrible. I should really hope that enough has changed since then, but I suppose that would still have to be a possibility.

I am curious, though, why did they find in the restaraunt's favor? For that matter, why did you have to pay?