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Yes, I couldn't belive it either. The Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and Jonas Brother tour used a body double of Hannah Montana. As you can see in the video (I shall put the link at the end of my post) the 'real' Hannah Montana was covered around by her backup dancers and the Jonas Brothers. Quickly covered up by a black tarp and flew backstage. Then as quickly as possible the double of her came out wearing sunglasses so that you could not see her face. Im not saying anything bad about theese artists by any meens Im just quite frankly mad. They also make me wonder if any of them can really sing...because the consert was all lip sung. Please don't begin saying stuff to defend her. It is all there. I couldn't belive it either untill I really saw it. If you don't belive me or even if you do belive me please watch the video. It was NOT taken by me but whoever took it did a great job. Note that the body double was only on stage for about a minute. Still, it is upsetting that kids look up to theese people and they always think of them as roll-models but....then something like this hapens. It just upsets me.

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Oh, wow. Lovely.
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Miley Cyrus Body Double Video
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Barked: Fri Jan 11, '08 2:46pm PST do u know that it wasn't actually Miley? I mean, that wsa pretty obvious...I don't think they'ed do something THAT obvious. Maybe, it was part of the show? But, then again, why would they use the tarp? Andafter that part, she went up to the platform, and wasn't showing her face....

I'm really not sure.