Close-up photos

Charlie- Lewis

Am I not dog?
Barked: Sun Dec 23, '07 3:22am PST 
I just love the close up photos of those beautiful eyes. My beautiful eye ball close up is on my page. What do people say when they see your beautiful eyes? Lots of your humans have posted comments. I get a lot of "What's wrong with him?" At which point, I turn around and head back for the woods. Tell me what you hear!!!
Henry in- loving- memory- 7/20/08

my mommy says- I'm a good boy
Barked: Sun Aug 10, '08 3:44pm PST 
Henry always got comments on his eyes--usually a "wow!" Then they'd usually ask if he was blind in one of them (he wasn't). The blue eye was all I could look at for several weeks, then I got used to the difference & I knew what other people were seeing the first time they met him. Even Henry's vet commented on it & when I said he was 1/2 Aussie he said he was wondering where the blue eye came from. Bi-eyed is sure a beautiful look.