What has your GSD done to suprise you


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Just a fun topic. The other day I went to take a shower when I was the only human in the house. I didn't feal like locking them outside so They had run of the kitchen, diniing room and living room. Well Jack my crazy beagle/staffie mix took a couch pillow outside. I didn't notice it but then a few minutes later after I was getting ready for work in the living room in come Bart the puppy brining the pillow back in and dropped it right by the couch. He is the least "trusted" one in the bunch so I was very pleased that he knew where it belonged. Would love to hear other stories.
Lobo - RIP

Lobo - the big baby
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When Lobo was about 2 years old, I took him and Tasha on a long hike. There was no trail. I lost some very expensive leather gloves along the way and did not notice until I got to the top of a mountain and my hands got cold. I tried to retrace my steps on the way down to find my gloves, but chances were slim. Lobo had never been trained to do this, but I kept asking him to "find it". He had been trained to find his frisbee, but never anything else and in conditions like that. Anyhow, he really seemed to be trying to figure out what I wanted. After about 1 kilometer of me asking him to find it, he found my gloves! I would never have found them myself. I was very proud of him.
Rosie - 1986-1996

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Rosie did a lot of amazingly smart things during the short time we had her. Probably about 5 years. One thing in particular was one night, I was coming home from my night shift in the dark. It was 30 below outside. My first duty was to let the dogs out to pee. It was pitch dark out. I came in the front door and was sending my dogs down the stairs to go out the basement door. Rosie would not do it. Instead she was making pitiful little noises and looking at the front door. By then I knew her well enough to pay attention. I opened the front door and there was Fuzzy, my cat, who had snuck out when I walked in. Had Rosie not "told" me that, Fuzzy would have frozen to death that night. She was a housecat and that was totally out of character for her to do that.

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These are awesome stories. I wish we would hear from more of you.

Here's something funny that Rook does: When I feed him, he first "attacks" a squeaky toy, prancing around like a happy predator! Then he eats. Sometimes his ball gets stuck in the bowl and he can't get to his food.